My Approach to Summer Break

As someone who likes to have a plan and a schedule for the day, the idea of summer break and induce some serious anxiety. It isn’t that I don’t love the time with my kids because I truly do. It is that 12 weeks off our routine is just a lot for me to wrap my mind around.

In response to this, I developed theme days for our summer! They are flexible and very loose structured, but they gave me something to count on week by week to entertain the kids and myself. They are basic and self explanatory which is exactly what I need!

Make It Monday– Craft time essentially! I am many things as a mother, but crafty isn’t typically one of them. This is my one day that I push myself out of my comfort zone and plan a craft with the kids. The key here also is it keeps us at home for the day and therefore is a great day to catch up on any extra household tasks!

Learning Tuesday– This is the day I try to be extra intentional with the educational activities. It is also the day our local library typically does a themed story time and so we almost always hit that up. I am all for outsourcing when I can.

Water Wednesday– This couldn’t be simpler. We play with water! This could be me filling up the water table, running to the nearest splash pad, or swimming. We really focus on trying to beat the heat and cool off outdoors today!

Movie Thursday– Our local theater offers a summer movie program. For $7, I can get a pass that includes 10 movies shown over the course of the summer. They are older kids movies that are already on video, but you can’t beat it. It is a great way to kill a few hours in some AC! Plus, its a bit of a mental break for me.

Foodie Friday– My name is Renee and I am a control freak. This totally extends to the kitchen and letting my kids help. I suppress my urges to kick everyone out and do it myself though and actually cook with my kids on Friday. They pick the dish and we get to work. We started small with smoothies and have worked our way up to caramel apple pie this week! I consider this almost more of an accomplishment for me than the kids.