I Make Great Life Decisions

For nearly as long as I can remember, I have been a goal setter. For also as long as I can remember, I have lost focus on these goals and found new ones without ever completing the original. Don’t let this fool you into thinking I am not accomplished. Not to toot my own horn, but I have done a lot in my years on this planet that I am incredibly proud of, but most of them have been me rising to a challenge or dealing with life as it comes at me. Then last November started.

Like most of the planet, I read Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. This book tends to create a strong reaction in people. You either cannot stand it and disagree with so much of what she says, or you absolutely love it and you become incredibly inspired. I was the latter. Like hardcore. I fell in love with this book. It was so many things for me. She spoke my language of goal setting, but she also was real. She was apologetically real and told it like it is. That is not for everyone and that is fine. That could be why there are a million self help books out there. One book is not going to be the book for everyone. This book though… this was for me.

Well I blame this book for where I am right now. Where am I you ask? I am in the middle of summer, in Phoenix, Arizona, training for my first half marathon. It is hotter than the surface of the sun (even at 5am) and I am lacing up my running shoes.

When I set the goal in January to run 13.1 miles this fall, what was I thinking? Was I in relatively good health and wanted a challenge? Had I been running for years and needed to take things to the next level? Was this a lifelong dream I had been chasing? No. No to all of that. What I was is a 31 year old Mom of 3 who was about 50 pounds overweight if I am being honest with myself. I wasn’t working out and I definitely wasn’t running. I was never drinking enough water and had an absolutely horrible diet. Running a half marathon was probably the last thing that should be on my mind. So logically I made it my goal for 2019.

A full update and my 5 tips for how I have made running a habit I don’t hate are coming soon!